Technical instructions and feedback reduce the shooting effectualy in no trained young subjects


  • C. Claramunt
  • N. Balagué


This study compares the shooting basketball efficacy from short, middle and long distance of two interventions applied to untrained youth: one without offering any type of information (NI) and another with instructions and knowledge of performance feedback (I+CE). Two groups formed by 20 physical education students (E group) and 17 young basketball players (B group) were analysed. All participants shot 20 times from each distance in both experimental situations. Half of the participants followed the sequence NI – I+CE and the other I+CE – NI. In E group the efficacy in the NI intervention was 40,33% (±13,88%) and in the I+CE intervention 34,42% (±13,97%), being the difference significantly different (t = 2,97; p<0,01). In the B group the efficacy of the NI intervention was 47,4% (±9,05%) and in the I+CE intervention 44,12% (±12,06 %). The analysis by shooting positions show only significant differences (in both groups) in short distances (p<0,05). The NI intervention is more effective, especially in short shooting distances, than the I+CE intervention in young specifically untrained population.
Key Words: instructions, feedback, knowledge of performance, basketball shooting, dynamical systems theory.


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Author Biographies

C. Claramunt

Instituto Nacional de Educación Física de Cataluña, Universidad de Barcelona

N. Balagué

Instituto Nacional de Educación Física de Cataluña, Universidad de Barcelona





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